About ST-PAC Academy

What is ST-PAC?

ST-PAC, Stellar Performing Arts Career Academy where our principles drive everything we do for our students and our community. Our K-8 students receive a strong academic foundation that serves as the catalyst to unlock their potential and develop their artistic talents. Led by a team of empathetic educators, ST-PAC students work in a creative, cooperative and collaborative manner while becoming independent thinkers. At ST-PAC, the administration, teachers, and community members understand that students learn best when they are active participants in a creative environment that provides the opportunity to be calculated risk-takers. ST-PAC students utilize technology to accompany the arts on their path to becoming productive contributors to an ever-changing society.

Our Mission

The mission of ST-PAC Academy is to encourage and empower our students to achieve their fullest potential in all phases of their lives.

Our Vision

To develop the whole child, ST-PAC incorporates an exceptional educational model and a nurturing environment for K-8 students through a curriculum which integrates the performing arts and technology. We strive to develop students academically, artistically, and socially so they leave ST-PAC Academy with the ability to self-advocate, enhanced self-confidence and self-awareness, and the skill set to learn in any environment.


  • Identify and attract students with interests to match the chosen program.
  • Provide an educational setting that fosters a learning environment that prepares the student for their future.
  • Attract and retain high quality faculty members with the credentials and talents to offer challenging educational opportunities.
  • Evaluate educational, artistic, and career standards to meet industry expectations in a global market.
  • Uphold our commitment to the diversity of the community by fostering an environment that is inclusive, supportive and welcoming for all.



  • A strong academic program unlocks and supports the artistic potential of our students.
  • The best discipline comes from a commitment to shared goals.
  • Performing arts and technology encourage each individual to work in a creative, cooperative and collaborative manner while promoting independent thinking.
  • Students learn best in a participative and creative environment within a well-founded framework of high standards in teaching and learning.
  • Students need an understanding of, and access to, developing technologies in order to encourage participation and leadership in a technologically developing society.


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